7.16.16 // #13 – when i hadn’t seen the future yet

…and it feels like a history book
and now i know
how the people in wars felt
when it seemed the world was going
to fall apart by its latitudes

and i pray, and hope, and wish on shooting stars and pennies
that the world won’t end like it did then

and how the fuck are we going to fix this?
we who have hope and learned the tolerance others refuse to accept
will we lose that when we turn on our childhood?

when we tie the noose around our necks
will we kick the bucket
like the rest of the world has to everyone else?

how do we fix the world
when there is nothing left to
put together again?

like the soap our mothers cleansed us in,
what soap is there to clean this world
they pretend to give so much
care about life in the womb
if they cared so much,
why did they leave the place
they would live
in shambles?

why have they abandoned us?

hell, maybe i’m wrong
and we don’t have hope or tolerance
and we are just as fucked
in the head
as everyone else


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