10.26/29/30.16 // #29 – kisses shouldn’t be deathwishes

kisses shouldn’t feel like tears
or punches in the gut
or crushing guilt that is an anvil over the heart

kisses shouldn’t feel like sins
where they occur in the dead of night
or under the veil of shadows
where demons dance ‘neath the moon

kisses shouldn’t feel like fire
where everything is too scorching
or have become so familiar
that everything else feels like
an unforgiving winter night

kisses shouldn’t feel like blood
spilling from bruised, split lips
where it pours from open wounds
and leaves scars over stumps

kisses shouldn’t feel like dirt
grubby faces covered in it
while everyone frowns at
how unclean it all feels
and the shame sets in
and suddenly
you want to bathe in the darkest parts of the ocean


these kisses are all i’ve ever known
and any other kiss would
feel like unjust death


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