10.30.16 // #30 – they don’t let you stop hurting

they never let you stop hurting
they constantly remind you
of the Something Wrong
as if it isn’t constantly there
they don’t know that i can see their uneasiness
that their discomfort is nearly tangible
you can almost feel it
cling to it
like a drowning person
clings to every breath of air
there is no air
and you’re not drowning in water
you’re drowning in a sea of
disappointment and frustration
and please stop looking at me
like a wounded animal
lying helpless on the road
it’s the worst kind of
condescension and they
aren’t even aware
it’s not just scratches and scribbles on a page
it’s a brain trying to claw
its way out of a skull
and a soul trying to
tear off its fleshy cage
and it


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