11.4.16 // #31 – so. unfair.

they’re so unfair
they get to walk like goddesses
knowing their perfume
and long hair trail
after them and.
it feels like going on a
roller coaster that never goes down.
but! it’s so unfair
that they can break a thousand
and one hearts
knowing exactly who
the thousand hearts are
and not knowing a scratch
about one.
it’s so unfair!
they can make hearts
beat like the wings of bees
and hummingbirds
with a glance or a passing comment
or a phrase
or a compliment
and they aren’t even aware.
it’s so unfair
because it must not be
it must not be
no one can know
that it hurts so bad
to not let anyone see
that you’ve seen them
in ways no one else might


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