1.1.17 // #35 – the world doesn’t care so, should i?

do you think of how the world is indifferent?
not the people on it – they could serve to be a bit less emotional, angry
though that’s true too
just the planet
how we destroy the earth and
and how we hold hatred like it fuels us it does
and how we mistreat and disrespect
others with snide contentment
and how people refuse to protect humans and human rights
and how people mourn others
that wormed their way into others’ hearts
and how we laugh too much
and cry too much
and smile too little
and the world doesn’t care
people celebrate something the world has done billions of times
as if it’s a special feat
no one does this for other planets
(though i suppose no one can
for those lonely giants in the sky)
the world can’t care


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