1.29.17 // #37 – above a belly of broken cocoons

where does validation live?
is it something in the place
under your heart and close
to your belly of cocoons?

or is it an external source
of happiness (is it?)

does it occur when a
mathematician solves a complex
street of letters and numbers
and arbitrary concepts
for a solitary answer?

does it occur when a
scientist who spends years on
research and trial and error and
failures over and over finally
reaches a pinnacle
and a nod and hum of mild approval?

does it occur when a
historian spends hours learning and analyzing
a whole history and culture and
historical context for a “maybe” or
a dismissive “sure”?

does it occur when a
writer pours every scratch inside their mind
into their work with a tug to
never stop, just for a tiny piece
of praise given to so many other works?

what is life without validation?
can people have motivation
without validation?
how much validation relies
on everybody else?
why do i look to validation
like it’s my life source?
why can’t i…validate myself?


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