1.29.17 // #39 – it always comes down to the rain

things that are counter-intuitive:

1. worms escaping the pouring rain.
they can’t quite escape
though, can they? if they stay
underground, they wait for
death that seeps into their home.
if they try to escape, they reach a surface to meet death in its
undefined face. they can’t win.
they are left to squirm.

2. glasses in the rain. there’s no
way to see, really. you need your
glasses to see, but the rain sprinkles
blinding water onto lenses that
start to fail when this happens.
you take off your glasses to
avoid the drops and fog, but your
already weary eyes fail. (but you
already knew that).

3. living in a home that isn’t
a home, rather a monsoon.
and you find that you can’t
leave because you risk the
hurricane outside threatening
to drop and crush you; but
is it better than never having
a dry face underneath a roof’d

4. living in a constant storm
with no umbrella
and no interest
in finding one


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